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Stunt Coordinator – 2nd Unit Director

Stunt Coordinator
2nd Unit Director

Ian has amassed an enviable knowledge of filming and understanding the goals of the directors he works with. His goal as  a Stunt Coordinator or 2nd Unit Director is to plan the shooting of action sequences, design and choreograph the action beats and to build the drama within the action.

The success of an action sequence rests with the second unit director / stunt coordinator understanding the director’s vision and helping to execute that vision.

With a keen eye for intense action and a firm understanding of camera optimisation Ian has excelled in this area of film production.

Ian is a vital part of creating action that is not only mind-blowing but is remembered for its attention to detail and imagination, he’s a vital asset to any production and a strong support to his whole team.

Planning, implementing and conducting action sequences is only a small part of Ian’s work; Starting with Script breakdowns and budgets to shooting pre-viz all the way to assisting with editing for the final cut, Ian brings his vast knowledge of action to every department.

With an impeccable safety record and a skill-set that covers all aspects of stunt work,

Ian’s main goal is to always give the production, however big or small, a safe, well thought out stunt co-ordinated action sequence.

Best Known For

I could not recommend Ian more highly. He not only was creative and ambitious as he helped choreograph our fights, but he also made our young lead actor feel extremely confident and well taken care of

Dan Fogelman

writer: "Danny Collins", "Tangled", "Last Vegas"